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The Blessed Difference

We know you have a lot to choose from when it comes to coffee.
So here is what makes Blessed Grounds different from the rest.


Blessed Grounds only buys, roasts and sells Specialty Grade coffee, free of any additives or chemical flavorings, but what exactly qualifies our coffee as “specialty”?

Every coffee in the world can be evaluated on a 0 to 100 scale. Based on numerous criteria, ranging from taste and flavor characteristics to moisture content and visible defect count, all coffees receiving a cup score of 80 or above by coffee professionals known as Q-graders are considered ‘Specialty Grade’.


The vast majority of coffee farmers have long operated at objective poverty levels. With the price of coffee hitting a 12-year low in 2018, the near-zero profit margins of these farmers have all but vanished, forcing a growing number of them to abandon their farms and declare bankruptcy.

In an effort to combat this crisis, Blessed Grounds has committed to only sourcing our coffees through Direct Trade opportunities, which ultimately allows us to pay our farmers up to 4x what they would otherwise receive on the commodities market.

Achieving and maintaining this ‘Specialty’ grading requires that the highest quality standards are applied by our team members at every level of the coffee supply chain, helping to guarantee that by the time our beans journey from a far away field to your cup, the resulting Specialty Grade Coffee will deliver the most satisfying flavors and aromatics you have ever encountered.

So when you buy a bag of Blessed Grounds whole bean coffee and take that first delicious sip, know that you are supporting the longevity of small coffee farms around the world, as well as the financial security of the honorable families who compose them.


No two coffee beans are alike. Even coffee derived from the exact same farmer, but grown on two opposite ends of the farm can taste completely different!

A countless number of factors like country of origin, growing altitude and temperature, soil composition, time of harvest, processing practices, and surrounding plant life all contribute to the resulting taste characteristics of coffee.

As such, we at Blessed Grounds roast and sample every coffee origin independently in small batches, on roasters equipped with the latest in coffee roasting software, giving us both greater control over each roast and the ability to reproduce desired cup characteristics with an unparalleled consistency, accuracy and precision.


Blessed Grounds is about so much more than coffee and we are dedicated to being a source of positive change in both our local and international communities.

As such, we pledge to give 5% of our retail profit to Lighthouse in the Desert, an outreach organization aimed at combating homelessness and hopelessness in inner city Tucson.

So remember that when you drink a cup of delicious Blessed Grounds Coffee, you are aiding in our Mission to inject hope, love, and tangible assistance within the lives of people, both close by and far away.

So what are you waiting for?
Join Blessed Grounds on our journey and TASTE AND SEE what coffee can be!

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