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San Antonio


Costa Rica


San Antonio, León Cortés, Tarrazú




Caturra, Catuai, Villa Sarchi, Sarchimor, Costa Rica 95


6000 FT





Flavor profile:

Smooth and Sweet, with hints of toffee, lime, and almond.


This specialty coffee hails from the farms of small producers in the community of San Antonio, located within the Leon Cortes region of Costa Rica. Our importers have worked closely with the CoopeTarrazú Cooperative and its sponsored "Community Coffee"initiative toboth improve traceability and increase the opportunities that these small producers have to achieve recognition for their coffees.

While some of the best individual producers in Costa Rica have built their own micromills to segregate their coffee and capture the higher market for microlots, many smallholder producers of high caliber do not have the monetary means for such facilities, which is where cooperatives, such as CoopeTarrazú, come in to fill the need. The cooperatives themselves represent collection centers in and aroundLeón Cortés in Tarrazú, where producers from nearby towns will deliver their coffee in cherry form for grading, sorting, and processing. CoopeTarrazúwill in turn, perform all the depulping, fermenting, washing, and drying of the coffee, preparing it for sale and export.

We at Blessed Grounds pay a premium for the extra work and attention that goes into cultivating these coffees, a premium which supports the entire cooperative and also serves as an incentive to continue these types of labor-intensive but worthwhile programs which directly contribute to the cup quality of this coffee, evidenced in its immense smooth and sweet profile along with its robust toffee, lime, and almond flavors.