Mission statement

The Vision: Prayer + Beans

Praying over coffee beans. That’s the vision we received from the Big Guy upstairs and where our story into the infinitely nuanced world of coffee began. We quickly veered into the realm of specialty coffee, a scientifically evaluated grade of coffee bean whose quality characteristics separate itself from all other beans by comparison, and into interaction with one of the Industry’s most revered graders/ roasters/ instructors/ all-around gurus. Unmistakable providence had led us to our coffee and our consultant, leaving the future presumably straightforward; little did we know that a trip to the coffee farms of Honduras would forever alter our company's aim and direction.

The Problem: Coffee in Crisis

In talking with farmers, traders, and industry experts along our trip, we soon discovered that the global coffee industry, having long wavered on the brink of unsustainability, has reached a point of crisis.

99% of coffee farmers around the world are categorized as Smallholder (typically family-run farms with small plots of land), and due to the interplay of varying factors across coffee’s supply chain (i.e., climate change, geographical constraints, agricultural inputs, cooperative fees, middlemen, etc.), operate at objective poverty levels. With the price of coffee recently hitting a 12-year low (despite rising demand), these near-zero profit margins have been further constrained, resulting in widespread coffee farm abandonment and bankruptcy.

Having witnessed Honduran farmers and laborers struggling to provide even the most basic essentials to their families, it became abundantly clear to us that something needed to be done, had to be done, but what exactly? Then, within a dimly lit conference room surrounded by the Honduran Jungle, the full scope of our Heavenly Father’s initial vision was realized: Blessed Grounds was not simply to provide specialty grade, prayer-infused coffee to our local community, but was destined to impact a more global population , far outside of our humble origins in Tucson, Arizona.

The Solution: Direct Trade!

Direct Trade happens when Coffee Farmers trade directly with Coffee Roasters.In so doing, farmers receive upwards of 4x what they would otherwise be offered on the commodities market while simultaneously avoiding many supply chain obstacles that plague profitability. With Blessed Grounds sourcing our coffees through direct trade relationships, we can help sustain the longevity of smallholder farms and the financial security of the honorable people and supporting communities who compose them, the world over.

Not only do we wish to stimulate the growth of these local economies, but we are also passionate about combatting the hopelessness and desperation that we have encountered within these environments by manifesting the love of Jesus Christ and evidencing his message of hope, wherever our journey takes us.

In the end, we all benefit, with our customers drinking an objectively better cup of specialty grade coffee, our amazing farmers receiving wages they have long deserved, and we at Blessed Grounds knowing that our company is playing a small part in blessing the lives of families involved in the world of coffee, both here and away.

  • Directly Traded
  • Specialty Graded
  • Prayerfully Created
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