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Our Story

Blessed Grounds

Blessed Grounds is the result of a vision we received from God to start roasting coffee. We saw our coffee being a source of hope to people both here in Tucson, Arizona and around the world. 

Globally, we combat poverty within coffee producing communities by DIRECTLY TRADING with farmers and cooperatives, allowing exponentially more income to stay in those communities.

Locally, we impact our communities by DONATING 5% of our retail income to multiple charities targeting a variety of social issues.

Individually, we enhance the lives of our consumers by only roasting additive-free, SPECIALTY GRADE beans, the highest quality coffee available, worldwide.

Help us spread hope as you TASTE & SEE what coffee can be!

Our Premier Pillars.


Blessed Grounds only buys, roasts and sells Specialty Grade coffee, free of any additives or chemical flavorings, but what exactly qualifies our coffee as "specialty"? Every coffee in the world, from the instant coffee found in your local grocery store to the rarest of exotic micro-lots can be evaluated on a 0 to 100 scale. Based on numerous criteria ranging from taste and flavor characteristics to moisture content and visible defect count, coffee professionals known as Q-graders will typically travel to origin, or the country in which the coffee is grown, to assign an overall cup score to each coffee being inspected. At the conclusion of this process, all coffees achieving a cup score of 80 or above are considered ‘Specialty Grade’, allowing them to typically be sold at a market premium. Coffees receiving a cup score of 79 or below are placed into the catch-all ‘Commercial Grade’ category and are usually sold at a market discount, due to lower quality cup characteristics. Achieving a Specialty grading is no small feat, as the highest quality standards must be applied at every level of the coffee supply chain, from farming and harvesting, processing and packaging, shipping and storage, to roasting techniques and final extraction methods. Our belief that our customers deserve only the very best compels us to work alongside our outstanding farmers, processors, importers, and local employees to improve every process, procedure, and method by which our coffees journey from field to cup, in order to guarantee that your Specialty Grade coffee experience will boast some of the most immensely satisfying tastes and aromatics you have ever encountered.


In talking with farmers, traders, and industry experts along our 2019 trip to the coffee farms of Honduras, we discovered that the global coffee industry has reached a point of crisis. 99% of coffee farmers around the world are categorized as Smallholder (typically family-run farms with small plots of land), and due to the interplay of varying factors across coffee’s supply chain (i.e., climate change, geographical constraints, agricultural inputs, cooperative fees, middlemen, etc.), operate at objective poverty levels. With the price of coffee hitting a 12 year low in 2018 (despite rising demand), these near-zero profit margins have been further constrained, resulting in widespread coffee farm abandonment and bankruptcy. In an effort to combat this crisis, Blessed Grounds has committed to only purchasing coffees from farmers that are sold at or in most cases, well above current Fair Trade prices and through Direct Trade opportunities. Direct Trade happens when coffee farmers trade directly with coffee roasters at origin, allowing farmers to receive up to 4x what they would otherwise be offered on the commodities market while simultaneously avoiding supply-chain obstacles that plague profitability. By only sourcing our coffees through direct trade relationships and committing to fair trade prices, we can help sustain the longevity of smallholder farms and the financial security of the honorable people and supporting communities who compose them, the world over.  


Blessed Grounds is about so much more than coffee and we are dedicated to being a source of positive change in both our local and international communities. As such, we pledge to give 5% of our wholesale profit to the charity of our customers choosing and 5% of our retail profit to Lighthouse in the Desert, an outreach organization aimed at combating homelessness and hopelessness in inner city Tucson. So remember that when you drink a cup of delicious Blessed Grounds Coffee, you are aiding in our Mission to inject hope, love, and tangible assistance within the lives of people, both close by and far away. So what are you waiting for? Partner with Blessed Grounds today and TASTE AND SEE what coffee can be!


Our coffee house is located in a little strip mall at the corner of W. Grant Rd and N. Fairview. 

If you have placed a Pick-up order online, call us at 520-253-7733 when you arrive and we will promptly bring your drink out to you!


902 W. Grant Rd, Tucson AZ 85705

Coffee House Hours:

Tuesday - Saturday

6 a.m. - 12 p.m.





They are a fantastic coffee shop near Mineral City which Yelp helped me find when I visited for the big Gem and Mineral expo. I took a little walk around the corner to find the best handcrafted espresso beverage and pastries! I got a cherry turnover and raspberry filled handmade 'pop-tart' pastry my first visit and an iced americano and iced oat milk latte through two visits. Their espresso drinks are so balanced, both rich and smooth, and don't need any sugar to taste good. Their pastries are fresh and delicious, and paired really nicely with their beverages.I also got some beans (Hodos) to bring home after hearing their barista talk about the specialty grade quality beans they roast there! Also- they're beans you can feel good about, Blessed Grounds work directly with the producers to help support the farming communities they come from. So wholesome. They regularly donate some of their profits to other causes too. Already looking forward to my next visit to Tucson to visit this little coffee sanctuary again. Love you Blessed Grounds, and wishing you lots of success!

Valerie P.
Yelp Review

I can't thank The Lord enough for tugging at my heart to go to Blessed Grounds shop with my husband to not only enjoy some local coffee, tea and chocolate chip muffin..but to also be blessed to meet Amy, Adam and the owner himself, Jared! Amy was SO helpful and knowledgeable in all things coffee and she was freaking awesome! This coffee shop is doing some amazing work of The Lord and we highly encourage you to check them out and partake of their hand crafted coffee/teas. We need more intentional, honest, clean coffee shops like this in the world. The great conversations, swapping amazing testimonies, and purely fantastic tasting drinks we had will bring us back next time we have a load in Tucson! Thank you so much, Blessed Grounds!!

Jenny K.
Google Review

Behind my cup is their coffee grinder and their prep room. I appreciate every detail of this place- from their support of various farms, to their specialty grade coffee free of any forms of additives, to their quality control and roast and grind from green bean to coffee, their biodegradable cups- it’s all amazing. I’m not even a coffee person and this has opened new doors for me, and I’m excited for them to be shared with others.

Sophia V.
Google Reviews

Best coffee in Tucson and I've been to them all. While the others are great as well - so I won't list them to convey any negativity - I can say that Blessed Grounds is my favorite. Each roast is an adventure and must be experienced black. Even their decaffeinated beans have good flavor!

Google Reviews